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Your dogs are welcome at Château des Tilleuls.

On the campsite, on the pitches and in some of our accommodation, dogs are allowed and even pampered!

There are special areas for them and some specials features :

  • Toutous bar at reception, in the restaurant and near the swimming pool.
  • Doggy bag dispensers.
  • Information and useful numbers ...
  • and many other surprises ...

The Château des Tilleuls has been awarded the Qualidog label

What is Qualidog?

It's a label created in 2018 to promote destinations committed to the development of canitourism or toutourism.

Our environmental values - Eco responsible

Our ecological commitments !
Camping and nature go hand in hand !

We've always been committed to sustainable development and ecology.

We have installed a wide range of equipment to help protect the planet :

In 2009, selective sorting was introduced at the campsite :

  • We have installed water and electricity meters on all residential pitches and monitor consumption, particularly water leaks.
  • Our sanitary facilities and accommodation are equipped with dual-flush toilets, and the taps have aerators to save water.
  • We take care to use as many eco-labelled, environmentally-friendly products as possible.

Since 2011, we have been replacing and installing energy-saving lighting.

In 2014, we installed shower access badges to raise awareness of the need to save water.

In 2022, solar lighting was installed to mark out certain paths.

For several years, we have been investing in eco-responsible rental accommodation.

In 2023 we dematerialised our welcome booklet via the Cooln'camp application, enabling us to limit printing. Invoices are issued on request.

In 2024, we are stepping up our eco-responsible approach with :

  • Aiming for zero waste :
    What is zero waste ? It means reducing waste as much as possible, and that all waste must be sorted and recycled.
    Sorting is already in place, with columns for collecting glass, recyclable waste (packaging, cardboard, paper, newspapers, etc.) and a space reserved for green waste (plants, grass cuttings, etc.).
    And to raise awareness among all our customers, only transparent bags are now allowed for household waste.
    To reduce household waste, we are now introducing composting.
  • Compost :
    Composting is a sustainable and eco-responsible solution for reducing the volume of household waste and converting it into fertiliser.
    A new area will be set up to collect your organic waste, and compost buckets or bags will be distributed to campsite guests.
  • Developing biodiversity :
    Our teams are working hard every day to promote biodiversity. Nesting boxes, ladybird shelters and insect hotels are arriving at the campsite.
    Three beehives have also been installed at the Château des Tilleuls.
    The icing on the cake is that the honey harvested will be sold in the grocery shop, and explanatory tours of the hives will be organised by our partner beekeeper.

Campsite Château des Tilleuls
Route de la Baie - Lieu dit “Les Tilleuls"
80132 Port-le-Grand
Tél : (+33) 03 22 24 07 75