Camping Le Chateau des Tilleuls

Note moyenne sur 748 avis

Cleanliness 9.1/10
Services 9.1/10
Location 8.9/10
Quality/price ratio 8.5/10
Restaurant 8.4/10
Sanitary block 8.8/10
Welcome 9.3/10
Infrastructure 8.9/10
Comfort 8.8/10
Tranquility 9.1/10
10 10

 - romantic

We have been customers of this wonderful campsite for almost 5 yrs now. The layout, grassed large pitches with water are wonderful. The surrounding forest with owls, enchanting. We will return next year!

Le 01/10/2020 (Voir plus)

Cleanliness 10/10
Services 10/10
Quality/price ratio 10/10
Sanitary block 10/10
Welcome 10/10
Infrastructure 10/10
Comfort 10/10
Tranquility 10/10

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8 10

 - family

We enjoyed staying on your beautifull campsite very much. Good facilities! The only big, big minor was the sanitery. Very clean and tidy, but far to less toilets and showers. Each morning and each afternoon there was a queue of 3 or 4 persons to go to the toilet or shower... For me, it's not holiday when you can't go to the toilet quickly if you have to, or if have to hurry in the shower, knowing a few others are waiting for you outside. We consider to come back, but only if there is more sanitary avaialable or if there are less pitches. Other thing: great reception, good service! But here also long queue's. No problem for arrival or departure, but if you have to wait 15 minutes each day for ordering bread for the next day, it's not so nice....

Le 17/08/2020 (Voir plus)

Cleanliness 10/10
Services 8/10
Location 7/10
Quality/price ratio 7/10
Restaurant 8/10
Sanitary block 4/10
Welcome 5/10
Infrastructure 9/10
Comfort 6/10
Tranquility 8/10

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8 10

 - romantic

good all round will stay again when next in France

Le 06/08/2020 (Voir plus)

Cleanliness 8/10
Services 8/10
Location 8/10
Quality/price ratio 8/10
Sanitary block 8/10
Welcome 8/10
Infrastructure 8/10
Comfort 8/10
Tranquility 9/10

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